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Sebastian County Arkansas Assessor's Office

Zach Johson

Mission Statement

To provide the citizens of Sebastian County with the best customer service possible, making every interaction a courteous, helpful and efficient experience. To utilize every technology reasonably available to make Sebastian County the best assessed county in Arkansas while providing the citizens with fair and equitable assessments.

Zach Johnson

Sebastian County Assessor

County Reappraisal Information

We are currently in a 5 year countywide reappraisal plan, scheduled to be completed in 2020. Our contracted company, Total Assessment Solution Corp. or TASC, is in the midst of physically inspecting all the parcels located in Sebastian County. Below, we will be listing the current areas they are working in or around, and will update this on a monthly basis. REMEMBER that the employees of this company should always be wearing a badge (listing their name and complete with a photo of the individual); should properly identify themselves and the company they work for; and have a vehicle that is properly marked so that it is clearly visible for the citizens to see. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our office so that we may insure these individuals are indeed contracted employees; are in the proper work areas for that time frame; and are conducting themselves in a respectful manner. Our office contact number is 479-784-1516.
 Time Frame JUNE20-JULY 20, the contracted company TASC will be working in or around the following areas:
Rural sections 19-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Nicely Drive, Leonard Court, Breezemont Way, Donahoe Bend, Donahoe Ridge Road); 20-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Mitchell Bend, Mitchell Rd, Ivory Place); 21-7-31; 22-7-31; 23-7-31; 24-7-31; 25-7-31; 26-7-31; 27-7-31; 28-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Howard Hill Rd, Jenny Ridge Way, Hood Pond Lp, Gate Nine Rd, McClain Rd); 29-7-31 (conatining some or all of the following roads: Parnell Ln, Howard Hill Pl, Elmwood Rd, Vozell Way); 30-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Howard Hill Rd, Rye Hill Rd South, Breezemont Way); 31-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Elmwood Cutoff, Randolph Rd, Taylor Pl, Gate Nine Terr, Clark Ln, Tomlin Way, Hart Ct, Race Track Lp, Bonanza Rd, Hunktown Rd S); 32-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Elmwood Rd, Honey Locust Bend, Old Towne Way, Evans Rd, Booth Rd, Jenny Lind Lp, Grade School Rd, Gate NIne Terr, Robison Ct, Gate Nine Cutoff); 33-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Whittingslow Rd, Horton Lake Way, Nelch Dr); 34-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Lond Ridge Rd, Redbud Ln, Mountain Glade Way, North Main St); 35-7-31 (containing some or all of the following roads: Old Hardscrabble Rd, North Main St, Mallard Drake Dr); 36-7-31. 
The following subdivisions in or around Fort Smith city limits: Ace; Cloverdale; DAV Subdivision; Keeling; Bieker Business Center; Buske; Hiram Walker Addn; Millennium Estates; Park Apartments; Regions Business Park; Remington at the Park; Remington Park; Remington Pl.  


Important Dates

Deadline to Assess: May 31
10% Penalties Applied after: May 31
EQ Board Meeting: August 1st
EQ Board Appointments by: August 17
Taxes Due: October 15